Who We Are
Angloville is one of the biggest providers of language immersion programmes in Europe. We redefine language education by offering a unique approach to teaching English through the concept of an “English village”. It is a simulation of an English-speaking environment organized in many of our countryside hotel venues, inhabited by groups of English speakers from all over the world for the duration of our programmes.
Our 3-10 day programmes help clients, adults and teenagers, overcome their fear of speaking English during a full immersion experience. A description of our programmes is available at our English language website.
Headquartered in Warsaw, Poland, Angloville has been working with  global brands on 5 European markets. Presently, Angloville offices are located in Cork (Ireland), Warsaw, Budapest, Prague, Bucharest and Kielce (Poland). 
Angloville's presence
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Our dedicated team of 40+ professionals has members from 10+ countries, located across 5 markets. We all share a passion for languages and believe that it is through unique experiences that people learn the fastest. We take great pride in what we do and value cultural and professional diversity within the team.

Michal studied law in the UK where he realized how effective and effortless it was to learn and improve English in a native environment. He wanted to share this unique experience with as many people as possible in his native Poland, so he went on to found Angloville. Michal is passionate about start-ups, innovation and he is our in-house marketing guru. Michal loves playing basketball and is a true digital nomad.
Michal studied engineering in England and then finance and business in Warsaw. He started his first business during high-school. Michal co-founded Angloville with Michal Zak and has also been pursuing some other exciting start-up projects since. Michal is a numbers guy but he also takes great care developing the ever growing Angloville team. He plays football and loves traveling.
Alex joined the Angloville team after an 8-year career in management consulting. He studied business in Hungary and earned an MBA in the US. He later discovered his passion for entrepreneurship and joined the international development efforts of Angloville while also heading the Hungarian business. He plays water polo and plays classical music every now and then.

We are offering a variety of innovative language learning solutions to our clients. We are also continuously working on expanding our product range. Currently our offering includes the following services:
Adult language camps
Our signature "English Village" programmes offer an intensive English native-speaking environment in our participants' home country. Instead of going to Malta or England, they can now effectively develop their spoken English skills during a 6 day, 70 hour course, with 1-to-1 mentoring from native speakers.
Junior language camps
The English Village concept has been adapted to the special learning needs of teenagers with a 2 students - 1 native speaker format. English education at schools is still theory and grammar focused, but Angloville provides  a unique opportunity for 12-19 year olds to overcome their language barriers.
Language camps for kids
You can't start English early-enough. That is why we developed Angloville Kids, a unique concept that blends communication with native speakers and playful language learning exercises to provide 7-11 year old children the opportunity to become fluent in English while also getting to know the English culture.
International language camps
While the English Village simulates an English-speaking environment in one's home country, putting the concept in a foreign country adds new opportunities. Our programmes in England, Ireland and Malta enhance the total immersion concept by adding a true local cultural experience.
Stationary and private courses
You can't spend the whole year at Angloville camps - even though many people would like to. To help maintain and develop our clients' level of English in-between English Village programmes, in some locations we offer classroom teaching or in-company teaching as well as private tutoring by native English speakers. 
Online learning
Technology provides the opportunity to immerse yourself in the English language whenever and wherever you want. We have partnered with Tutlo, a provider of online conversation practice with English speakers to offer a flexible and cost-effective solution to clients who want to maintain their fluency while not on Angloville programmes.

We believe that Angloville provides unique value to people around the world who want to overcome their speaking barriers and become fluent and self-confident in English. We are continuously looking for like-minded entrepreneurs who share our values and see the opportunity in bringing the Angloville concept to other markets.
Our unique approach to international growth is based on a mutual partnership: instead of building a franchise, we are building a network of passionate, driven and talented individuals. We aim at a two-way knowledge sharing and at a truly colaborative team where each country contributes to the development of every other country.
If your are looking for an entrepreneurial challenge, with a proven business model and service that provides real value to real people, we would love to talk to you about our future plans.

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